Adventure Cat Kit

What do they eat?

Until Magellan hits 1 year old all three are enjoying kitten food:

Purina Pro Focus Kitten Food (Wet)

Purina Pro Focus Kitten Food (Dry)

What do you use when you are out and about?

When out and about Magellan wears his backpack:

Doggles Dog Backpack Extreme XXS

And in the backpack he carries his GPS tracker:

Link AKC Smart Dog Collar

The collar itself is too big for a cat, which is why we just put the tracking module in his backpack. Speaking of backpacks, when he gets tired of walking we carry him in this:

Petgear IGo 2

What about at home?

If you have a big breed like we do you want one of these:

Mondo Cat Scratcher

They are the only large scratcher I have seen yet which can withstand the beating a Maine Coon can dish out.