What do they eat?

Until Magellan hit 1 year old all three were enjoying kitten food:

Purina Pro Focus Kitten Food (Wet)

Purina Pro Focus Kitten Food (Dry)

Once Magelllan had his first birthday we switched all three to Purina Pro Plan True Nature for their wet food and Purina Beyond Small Batch for their dry kibble

Purina Pro Plan True Nature

Purina Beyond Small Batch

What do you use when you are out and about?

When out and about Magellan wears his backpack:

Doggles Dog Backpack Extreme XXS

And in the backpack he carries his GPS tracker:

Link AKC Smart Dog Collar

The collar itself is too big for a cat, which is why we just put the tracking module in his backpack. Speaking of backpacks, when he gets tired of walking we carry him in this:

Petgear IGo 2

His Leash is a generic PetCo leash that hooks on to his backpack.

What about at home?

If you have a big breed like we do you want one of these:

Mondo Cat Scratcher

They are the only large scratcher I have seen yet which can withstand the beating a Maine Coon can dish out.